People of any nationality are eligible to compete! Foreign exchange students as well!

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What is Mr. World Noble King?

“Mr. World Noble King” is a title given to the world’s best man, based upon a judgement of overall beauty, including inner characteristics such as individuality and intellect, as well as physical beauty. Every year, the competition is held in a different location. This year, it will commence in Okinawa, Japan! With charity work involved, this competition is closely tied with societal contribution.

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Reward for Progressing Past the 2nd Round

Prize Money: 50,000 yen
Additional Prize: Entry Fee for the World Competition held in December
*The Entry Fee includes all expenses for a 1-week stay in Okinawa (Accommodation, Food, Film/Photography fees, etc.).

Mr. World Noble King Application Process Open Now!

Seeking applications for 2020 Mr. World Noble King, held in December 2020 in Okinawa, Japan.
Application Process
1st Round: Entry Form Screening
2nd Round: Online Screening to select contestants for each category.
This year, multiple non-Japanese contestants will be selected as well.
The prize money and additional prize will be given to every contestant that is chosen.

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Mr. World Noble King
Mr. World Noble King
contest contest
Age 18~34 (as of December 31, 2020)
Height 165cm and above
Nationality Any (A representative of each country is selected.)
Other Students/Foreign exchange studends also eligible
[World Competition Date]
December 14th ~ 21th, 2020
Okinawa, Japan
[Application Period]
1st Application Period
May 15th ~ July 15th, 2020 (Entry Closed)
2nd Application Period
August 1st ~ September 13th, 2020 (Entry Closed)
3rd Application Period
September 17th ~ November 3rd, 2020